Previous projects

previous projects
  1. Longman Language Activator® – a revolutionary dictionary that takes 1000 key concepts of English, like WALK, and helps you find the right word by explaining the differences between similar words and phrases, such as stroll, limp, stride, or amble.
  2. Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English – Della was the publisher or Director of four editions of this respected advanced level ELT dictionary. All definitions are written using 2000 simple words (the world-famous Longman Defining Vocabulary invented by Longman). 80,000 audio example sentences. Available online and in iOS and Android versions.
  3. Longman Dictionary of American English – bestselling ESL dictionary in the US, originally researched by Della with the help of many American students and teachers.
  4. Longman Advanced American Dictionary – leading ESL academic level dictionary, first published by Adam Gadsby.
  5. Longman English Lab – a handheld electronic dictionary specially designed for Japanese Senior High School students, including the Longman Eiwa Jiten (English-Japanese bilingual dictionary), and containing high-quality synthesized pronounced examples, as well as many exercises and games.
  6. Longman South African Schools Dictionary – the first Longman dictionary specially created for school pupils in South Africa, this dictionary, developed by Laurence Delacroix, is two-colour and includes a new thesaurus feature to increase pupils’ vocabulary.
  7. Longman Eiwa Jiten – a revolutionary English-Japanese dictionary, benefitting from all Della’s experience as a publisher of dictionaries. This dictionary has explanations in natural Japanese, based on the groundbreaking Longman Corpus of Contemporary Japanese.
  8. Longman bilingual dictionary series – a range of bilingual dictionaries in Spanish, Italian, Polish, and Portuguese specially geared towards the needs of foreign students of English.